Legs and Glutes

The Ultimate Home Workout Just for Women by RZone Fitness

Legs and Butt Edition

Get Ready to REENERGIZE your DAY with this LEG AND BUTT Workout!

This workout can be performed 3 to 4 x a week since you will be using body weight. This workout will not only challenge the lower body muscles but will also challenge your cardio system. Allow for about 30 seconds between each movement. I highly recommend after each circuit completed to go outside and take a 2 to 3 minute power walk/jog/run for active recovery and to continue the calorie burn.

Ladies drink your coffee, take your L-Carnitine wait about 20 minutes and get ready to start your day with a 20-minute power walk or jog outside to feel the sunshine on your face. Smell the flower, look at the blue skies and breathe in the fresh air.

Then, get ready for the BURN!

Perform 3 to 4 circuits.
-Squats -20x
-Alternate Front Lunges-20x
-Jump Squats-10x
-Band Butt Blaster-15x/15x *(If you do not have bands, use body weight)

As an option after each circuit completed perform a 2-minute jog outside for fresh air and or Jump Rope for 100x and repeat.

Option: Perform a 30-minute power walk/jog or a nice bike ride after the workout outside and enjoy the sunshine.

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