Amazing Banded Glute Exercises

Some of R favorite Band Exercises we do for Glutes.

We're demoing the amazing, banded exercises for your glutes and how we incorporate them into our workouts here at Rzone Fitness.

Banded exercises, also known as resistance band exercises, are fantastic for targeting the glute muscles.

Diet Doctor Videos

No surprise here. A new study shows that eating more protein helps with healthy weight loss and maintaining lean mass. Plus, eating more protein meant a healthier overall diet. Would increasing your protein help you?

A new study confirms that protein is likely the most important nutrient for healthy weight loss.

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lunch, dinner, treats and smoothie options

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How to build the perfect meal.

Knowing what to eat is only half the battle when it comes to healthy also have to know how much to eat. Over time, food and drink portions have increased in size. And the more food we’re served on the plate, the more food we consume, which leads to overeating.

Mini Meals for 10am and 3pm

How many of you are craving sugar at 3 PM and around 9 PM to 10 PM?

What about a lack of energy? Do you go for the coffee? 

We need to make sure you're getting adequate protein for the day. This simple strategy will help you feel better and help you UP your protein grams for the day.

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Adequate Protein based on your lean body mass (not your body weight). 

We recommend about 20 grams of protein at a meal. 3oz = is 20 grams. That is your palm to hand size. Can't get to a meal? A protein shake that is whey-based, is ideal.

Example: 20 grams x 5 meals is 100 grams for the day to match your lean body mass.

What is Protein?

We recommend adequate protein based upon your Lean Body Mass as displayed on your Inbody Results Sheet. Since you're participating in a program that combines strength training and cardio training to bring up your heart rate, tone your muscles, increase your metabolism and burn calories, protein requirements go up just a bit vs someone who does not exercise.