What happens in an Rzone Class For Women


Strength Training

Our strength training exercises just for women change every day so we can help you focus on different muscle groups. Your coach can provide options for any movement if you have injuries or limitations. We have so many fitness tools to help you get strong!


Cardio Training

With our variety of cardio tools: Treadmills, cybex arc trainers, WaterRowers and HIIT Bikes, you’ll maximize your calorie burning.


Maximum 5

90 - 95%

Hard 4

80 - 90%

Moderate 3

70 - 80%

Light 4

60 - 70%

Very Light 4

50 - 60%


Heart Rate Monitoring

From warm-up to max effort, there are 5 training zones that are identifiable in your workouts. Our workout system along with the coaches will help you maximize your effort with our polar heart rate monitoring. You’ll know when to increase your effort to maximize calorie burning, increase your metabolism and you’ll know when to recover. Plus, for extra motivation you’ll see how many calories you burn and after the class you’ll get a full report of your workout.