What are heart rate zones?

Your heart rate is one of the best indicators of how hard your body is working during a workout.

We all have a personal resting heart rate, “a minimum heart rate”, and a maximum heart rate. And between these values are different heart rate zones that correspond to training intensity and training benefit. There are different ways to specify your heart rate zones. One simple way is to define them as percentages of your maximum heart rate

There are five different zones, 1–5 and at Rz our workouts include all these five zones.

Zones 1-2 are for warming up and getting ready to work it. For effective calorie burning, we focus on Zones 3 to 5. This will bring your heart rate between 80% to 95%. This all depends on your fitness level. At zones 3-5 you’ll burn calories not just during the class, but hours after keeping your metabolism elevated. This is termed the ‘afterburn’ and its all based on your body composition, your exercise fitness level and the intensity you train at.