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Hi this is Glenn Greer, co-founder of Rzone Fitness.

Many of you have asked about time missed and can it be made up later.

If you miss time, we take care whatever is missed when we reopen by moving back your expiration date. You will never lose a day you paid for RZone Fitness.

Legs and Glutes

The Ultimate Home Workout Just for Women by RZone Fitness
Legs and Butt Edition

Get Ready to REENERGIZE your DAY with this LEG AND BUTT Workout!

This workout can be performed 3 to 4 x a week since you will be using body weight.

Protein Powders and Ready to Drink Protein Shakes

R goal is for you to have quality nutrients in your body. Using the best quality proteins, favorable complex carbs, vegetables, fruits, and essential fats should always be the focus. But, sometimes there isn't time to put a meal together or sometimes you just want to take a break from solid food and that is where Protein Powders and Ready to drink protein shakes can help fill in nutritional gaps for your nutrition plan.

Let’s stay calm and healthy together at RZone Fitness

R Fitness studios were developed to change your life and take you away from the daily stress of life. We hope you continue to take care of your body and mind. This includes good sleep habits, healthy nutrition, and regular exercise.

Starting Monday, March 16 we will be modifying our schedule since school will be out and to focus on cleaning R studios before and after every class.

‘How much protein should I eat?’ Choose the right amount for fat loss, muscle, and health. The real story on the risks (and rewards) of eating more protein. By Helen Kollias, PhD

Will protein help me lose weight? Should I eat it at every meal? Could too much damage my kidneys? At Precision Nutrition, our inbox is filled with questions about the pros and cons of eating more protein. In this article we’ll set the record straight, so you can finally separate the facts from the fiction.

Your Guide to Smart Snacking

Snacking can play a role in a healthy lifestyle.
Use caution and plan snacks ahead to avoid overeating.
Choose snacks that provide carbohydrates, protein, and fat.
If done right, snacking can help you reach your body composition and health goals

Like many topics in the realm of nutrition, a quick search on the Internet about snacks will give you pages of conflicting recommendations.

The simple protein-packed breakfast J.Lo’s trainer makes in 5 minutes flat by Tehrene Firman

I don’t think I was the only one who ended last night’s Super Bowl halftime show with a dropped jaw. Jennifer Lopez and Shakira killed it with a performance that caused uproarious applause and a major spike in Google searches. They may not spill all their secrets about staying fit, but you can count on J.Lo’s trainer David Kirsch to do just that.

Eatsy Meals: Healthy Meal Delivery Service

Never miss a healthy, supportive meal with Eatsy Meals.

Click the brochure. If ordering, use code: RZONE and receive a discount.


Click here to visit their website. Make sure you mention RZone Fitness.

Chris, Head Chef at the Eatsy Miami brings to the table ten years of professional experience and culinary family background for fresh food and an authentic approach to seasonal cooking.

What Should I Eat?

‘What should I eat?!’ Our 3-step guide for choosing the best foods for your body.
By Brian St. Pierre, MS, RD, CSCS

Click here to view the infographic on PDF
Click here to print the infographic

This easy-to-use visual guide shows you how to make healthier nutrition choices, and determine the best foods for your body, goals, and taste buds.