Three reasons why you should have your body composition tested today

In America, 7 out of 10 people are obese or overweight, but only half of them are aware of it.  That means millions of people at risk for diseases like stroke, diabetes, sleep apnea and, cancer, and they don’t know it. So how can you know if you’re one of them?

Know your body composition. Here are three reasons why you should have your body composition measured today.

1. Find out if you’re skinny fat.


People often assume skinny people are healthy but that’s not always the case. Skinny fat is a term used to describe people who are thin but have more fat and less muscle than recommended. These people have the same health risks as someone who is obese. Knowing your body composition can help you understand your health risks and take the actions necessary to prevent certain diseases.

2. Use body composition to stay motivated and reach your goals.

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Use an accurate body composition method, like InBody’s patented BIA technology, to see your percent body fat decrease and your muscle mass increase. Knowing your body composition helps you see changes you can’t see with a regular scale. Track these changes so you can see yourself becoming healthier and stronger. Our RZ client in Pinecrest, Deborah Berman, has lost over 30 pounds and almost 8% body fat loss since joining us. The pic below provides an example of her inbody test over the months. Note: Original tests were performed 2 months after her joining RZone.

3. BMI doesn’t tell the whole story.

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You know your Body Mass Index (BMI). But what does that really mean? BMI is just a ratio of height and weight that determines if someone is underweight, normal or obese. BMI doesn’t factor in muscle or fat mass, therefore it is an inaccurate representation of a person’s health. For example, a body builder could be categorized as obese based on BMI, because they have a higher ratio of weight to height.

RZ clients can schedule your INBODY Body composition test with our RZ staff in Gables or Pinecrest. In less than one minute, you can see your muscle mass, percent body fat so you can understand your health and your health risks. If you aren't a RZ client, the test costs $35.00.

Call or text our Gables studio at 305-461-1090  Call or text our Pinecrest studio at 305-971-8212.

Glenn Greer