RZone Workout System

"Our goal was to fuse together our cardio fitness tools with our strength training exercises that would only work in a studio atmosphere. With our small studio it’s easy for coaches to make corrections, motivate, challenge and get to know you.

Our RZ studio is a community-like atmosphere. Its nice to see the same like minded women every time you go to class. The clients care about one another and often act as motivation and a support system." - Founders Glenn Greer and Luis Behar



Our unique format provides three to five workout zones, scripted and supervised by your trainer. Each workout zone provides a unique format of cardio intervals and strength training exercises. We integrate cardio interval training with blocks or circuits of exercises in every class, in order to deliver optimal results. Because our exercises challenge your fitness level, you can go as fast or as slow as you want to until your repetition scheme is over. This means that those who aren’t yet in great shape can rest if they need to - without feeling like they’re holding up the group. If you can't perform an exercise, we will modify the exercise and provide you an alternative.


For Cardio Training we use a variety of fitness tools. Our main cardio is Treadmill or Cybex Arc Trainers.

We integrate strength training and we sometimes integrate a cardio tool like our Cybex Arc Trainers or our Treadmills. We use compound exercises, which place a greater demand by involving more muscles.

We incorporate indoor rowing, airdyne bikes and additional strength training exercises, sport specific drills and core exercises. We do not repeat movement patterns that were already provided on Workout Zone 2.

Other combinations to make the workouts fun.

On certain days we create unique formats that include 4 Zones and 5 Zones.
We pair Rowers with Air Dyne Bikes as a zone.

You have to really experience a workout to see the many types of combinations we provide.