R45 is where you challenge yourself and only yourself for 45 days. Coral Gables and Pinecrest location only.

Trainers coach you through cardio and strength training challenges. We use our unique cardio tools and specific training exercises as a benchmark from Day 1 and move you through the 45 day journey. This will also include 3 Inbody tests to check how your progression through the R45 affects your body composition.


Compete with you and only you to become the best version of yourself.

When you focus on progressing through each workout zone and each cardio/exercise tool we benchmark, amazing things will happen to you physiologically and physically.

This is the power of focusing on you and your results and that is what R45 is all about. RESULTS, AWARENESS, FOCUS and EDUCATION.


What’s your 500meter row time?

From Day 1-7 we will take your 500 meter row time and see how you improve by day 45. We will also use other rowing protocols:
  • 2 Minute Rowing and meters achieved in that time.
  • 300 Meter row time.
Specific, simplistic to help you monitor your progress.

In 60 seconds what’s your max effort?

From Day 1-7 we will take your Treadmill speed/incline and challenge you with different protocols and see how you improve by day 45. Great for power walkers, joggers and runners.

How many strides per minute gets you out of your comfort zone for 60 seconds?

From Day 1-7 we will take the Cybex Arc Trainer and benchmark your strides per minute, elevation and resistance for a 60 second max time and see how you improve by day 45. Other protocols will be implemented to benchmark and to monitor your 45 day progress.

How long did it take for you to burn 10 calories and what was your RPM?

From Day 1-7 we will take the HIIT bike and benchmark your RPM and how long it takes to burn 10 calories,at what RPM and see how you improve by day 45. Other protocols for the HITT bike will be added.

What weight fatigues your muscles on a dumbbell chest press? What weight makes your biceps tired and makes it harder for you to brush your hair?

From Day 1-7 we will take specific strength training exercises and benchmark the weight used and see how you improve by day 45. With increase of resistance, you gain strength. Your body will become stronger. Also, increasing the effort/intensity will help you to increase metabolism and burn calories.

We will take 3 Inbody tests to check your body composition before, during and after your 45 day journey. We will check how your body composition changed based on the progress you achieved with our RZ workout system.



On a treadmill max effort for 60 seconds at 6.5 speed what is your heart rate percentage now and what is it 45 days from now?

We will also benchmark your heart rate percentage during the 45 day challenge. At certain points of the workout we will identify your heart rate percentage and compare your results. The stronger your heart becomes, the more efficient it becomes. As you progress through this 45 day journey, your heart rate percentage will go lower on the same cardio intervals or workouts you performed. This is progression and simply means you’re more conditioned.

This is FREE to current RZ clients. You can pre-register your interest by clicking the button below. If you know any friends, co-workers that would be interested in this program, you can forward them the information.

We are organizing the R45 so we can launch it in July. Don’t worry. If you miss the upcoming R45, we will be scheduling another.

composition test
OH-1 Heart
Rate Monitor

Join the 45-day R45
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  • 45 days of heart-rate-monitored group classes for women
  • 3 InBody 570 Tests (before and after body composition evaluation)
  • Supportive nutrition and snack guide
  • Polar OH-1 heart rate monitor included