Exercises that are great for BOOTY Gains

There are a handful of effective movements that are bound to give your derrière some extra shape. Here are some exercises we perform at RZone Fitness. We include these with exercises like the squats, lunges and steps.

These exercises are a unique way to strengthen your glutes. Resistance Bands are awesome tools we have here at RZ. The resistance of the band’s pressure is another way to strengthen muscles.

In this video Coach Daisy is performing all exercises with Bands.

  1. Lateral Band Walks with a Squat Position (No Dynamic Squats up and down).

  2. Band Butt Blasters. (Extend the leg under control, feel the pressure, squeeze the glutes at the top of the movement and slowly return under control and repeat).

  3. Elevated Band Bridge with Abduction. (Keep Hips elevated throughout the exercise).

Glenn Greer