celebrate 16 years of rz!

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Take advantage of our Anniversary promo packages without a contract. Need to cancel? Just let us know 15 days prior to your billing date and we’ll take care of it for you.

Our classes are as low as $5 per visit.

Our packages were created with you in mind. We consider your busy lifestyle and your goals. As professional trainers we know that frequency of exercise is very important for health, overall well being and RESULTS! Our clients average 3 days to 4 times a week at our studio. We even have clients that even attend 5 to 7 days a week.

Our 2 most popular packages, the R-12 class is $10.75 per class. The No Limit package can be $5 to $8 per class.

The more frequent you go to achieve the results you desire, the less you pay!

Each package and class includes

  • Supervised workouts by your coach.

  • Workouts change every day.

  • Polar heart rate monitoring so you can view your calories burned, heart rate percentage and beats per minute so you can monitor your exercise intensity.

  • The most fitness variety you will ever experience in a fitness studio just for women.

  • Nutrition Support with our Nutrition Guide and Seminars

  • Monthly Inbody Body composition testing to show you your progress.

  • Women’s Only Studio


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