How To Burn More Calories on the Cybex Arc Trainer at RZone Fitness


Cybex Arc Trainers:

Pick up the pace: The faster you move on the this machine, the more energy you will be using, and energy equals calories. Picking up your pace on the Cybex Arc Trainers translates to burning more calories, and that's what you want. Aim for 120 to 150 or more strides per minute. This is all based upon your fitness level and learning to progress as the weeks go by. Make sure you find the SPM button on the cybex. *Have your coach show you. Once 120 or more strides per minute becomes easier, increase the resistance from 20 to 40. Test it out. Keep an eye on the Polar Heart Rate Monitor and how you feel. Challenge yourself during the max effort intervals but always listen to your body.

Up the resistance: Increasing the resistance might mean you can't move as quickly, but it will require more effort for each movement and burn more calories. As you increase the resistance get your arms involved and focus on pushing and pulling the handles, which not only recruits more muscles (more active muscles means more calories burned), this will help you maintain speed with increased resistance.

Work your arms: No matter your pace, use your arms. Actively pushing the handles will work your chest and pulling them will work the upper-back muscles. Isn't it nice when you can multitask at the gym and burn calories while building strength.

Vary the elevation: The machine simulates climbing, so the key muscles will be the lower back, hip flexors, glutes and thighs. You can adjust the elevation of the Cybex Arc Trainer to engage those key muscles differently.

Use the incline feature

One feature to keep your eye on when using the Arc Trainer is the incline level. At high inclines (10-20), the Arc Trainer is a quadriceps-dominant motion similar to climbing or stepping. At lower inclines (0-10) the focus will shift from the quads to the glutes.

When focusing on your glutes and bottom, start at a low incline and push yourself to keep a high rate of strides per minute.

Glenn Greer, Co-Founder of RZone Fitness.

Glenn Greer